ah yes “some” ethnic groups

not “most of the world”

not “most people who aren’t white gentiles or from north india”

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I think the way we engage with multiple browser windows and multiple tv channels follows a poetic logic. When you’re in a deep tv-watching or internet-watching zone, the moves you make from channel to channel or page to page are governed by choices which draw on both our intuitive and rational motivations. If I could visualize how multi-tasking (allegedly my generation’s modus oprandi), writes itself on the brain, it would be discursive but not incoherent. Leaps from aesthteic object to object are made through metonymic association and relegated by time-constrained chance (for the television), or habit (for the internet). The aesthetic and informational objects we jump between leave a causal trail, whether or not we’d call these choices conscious.
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According to the Jamaican theorist Sylvia Wynter, as the west became secular, race supplanted faith as the new, ostensibly scientific answer to the question of what it meant to be human. Whiteness—in opposition to its antithesis, blackness—became the basis of European identity, operating as a retrospective justification for European exploitation of the rest of the world. What is race? At heart, it’s an empty place, a pretext. Yet it must be filled with content: cultural habits, physical attributes, aptitudes, and so on. The conceptual incoherence of race is advantageous to white supremacy, as the benefits of whiteness can be extended or retracted pretty much expediently. This is how Jewish people, for example, once considered a subhuman burden on European civilization, have survived to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their newfound white brothers in the fight against brown Muslims. One cannot live the truth of race, because it has no truth, but we all live its terrible emptiness.

Anti-blackness and white supremacy are co-constitutive, as Oyeyemi sketches out with remarkable gentleness. The US, founded on the innovative concept of the secular state, drew on a racial rather than religious model of birthright to make use of the barbaric free inputs of slavery. If whiteness was how Europeans reinvented colonial pillage as racial destiny, then America is where this “rational” anti-blackness reinvented itself as national culture.

whiteness, like new snow, wants to disavow its birth in blood and dirt and present itself as a clean slate on which history-as-progress can be written.

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People have this idea that they should just get what they paid for. It actually comes from sex work to be honest, maybe, maybe it comes from something deeper, but the experience of being like what’s your scene about or you decide the things your gonna do and your gonna get this much money and you manage to sell them the fantasy and get the money and good for you but there is this other side of me that is so anti capitalist. It’s more like fuck you, I’m not going to give you what you want, why should you just sit there and wait just because you paid your money like a good citizen and you expect to get what you paid for. It’s not a pair of slippers you bought online. […] the artworld, I mean, it’s this weird escape valve for truly dangerous or revolutionary material…. I just feel suspicious of arts institutions and when and why they choose to enshrine or celebrate what… sometimes it seems like a public de-clawing, or de-fanging…, it’s like “okay, now that you’ve done all the really scary stuff we want to have you on our panel, you’re cool cuz you’ve been to all these places and pitched your life against so much that is enshrined garbage but now we want to enjoy you, we just want to enjoy you inside of our culture. Do people really have an engagement with what it means to try and overthrow things in their lives? I mean, I guess that is the deep danger at the heart of all art, no matter what museum it ends up sitting in, no matter how de-clawed the culture ever tries to make it. “You must change your life” is the secret message of all great art.
[we call doing shit the real movement which overthrows things in our lives]

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